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/* Myth or Reality? Reconciliation in Sri Lanka */
== '''Myth or Reality? Reconciliation in Sri Lanka''' ==
'''Disclaimer: This paper is not to be cited without permission from the author. The views expressed in this paper are the author’s own and was prepared as part of an academic exercise. The contents do not represent the views of any organization or government agency.'''
<small>''Effective dialogue is required to regain trust among communities in Sri Lanka. After the war with the LTTE in 2009, there is a need to close ethnic divisions, improve social inclusion and to build social capital. Drivers of conflict include the scarcity of resources, lack of social cohesion and the lack of political stability. The impact of decades of armed conflict has also led to resentment among state and non-state actors. Furthermore, core problems of ethic division and grievances of the Tamil minority have not been fully addressed. A likely outcome is the presence of low-intensity conflict that could result in a humanitarian crisis because of increasing mistrust between the Sinhalese and Tamils that exacerbates the potential for conflict. It is critical to prevent a “stalemate” situation in its society where ethnic divisions remain stagnant and when there is potential for further deepening and alienation of communities. In this paper, conflict analysis is conducted with a discussion of possible scenarios. Broad recommendations are also proposed on to develop peace initiatives.''</small>